2020 (SEK)


Low Season
30/4 - 18/6
Midsummer weekend
18/6 - 21/6
Peak season
21/6 - 9/8
Low Season
9/8 - 27/9
Tent 80kr/per* --------------------- 100kr/per* 80kr/per*
Camping site 200kr --------------------- 280kr 200kr
- with electricity 250kr 1400kr (Thurs-Sun)** 330kr 250kr
- with electricity/sewage 280kr 1400kr (Thurs-Sun)** 350kr 280kr
Sleeping cabin 460kr --------------------- 560kr 460kr
Cabin 560kr 2400kr (Thurs-Sun)** 660kr 560kr
Loft Cabin 6370kr (Sun-Sun)**
3900kr (Sun-Thur)**
3900kr (Thur-Sun)**
5700kr (Thurs-Sun)** 9310kr (Sun-Sun)**
5700kr (Sun-Thur)**
5700kr (Thur-Sun)**
6370kr (Sun-Sun)**
3900kr (Sun-Thur)**
3900kr (Thur-Sun)**

* For family with children is a maximum tariff with the corresponding fee for a campsite.
** Package price for stay Sunday to Sunday, Sunday to Thursday, Thursday to Sunday